Short Liners

Eliminate the Need to Dig and Replace

Sewer point repairs are expensive, time consuming and disruptive to residents and traffic. Sections of pipe damaged by roots, utility directional drilling and frail pipes are major sources of backups and collapses, resulting in immediate emergency repairs and costly repair bills.

Michels offers a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) sectional liner for 8-inch to 36-inch mainline sanitary and storm sewer applications. A fiberglass-reinforced mat is impregnated with a silicate resin, wrapped around an inflatable bladder and pulled into place. Once centered over the damaged area, the liner repair is ambiently cured and mechanically locks itself into place. This trenchless method results in a long-term structural repair solution as a single application in an otherwise sound pipe.


• Trenchless technology
• Quick return to service
• FIberglass reinforced
• No volatile organic compounds (VOC)
• Minimal shrinkage (<0.6%)

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