Renewable Energy

Renewables aren't new to us

Michels has years of experience and ingenuity in the renewable market. We have worked on sizable utility-scale wind farms and have built high-voltage energy collection and distribution systems for solar projects.

Michels is known for safety, innovation, and quality management - and we apply those traits as your partner on your projects of all sizes and complexities. We can provide design-build and turnkey EPC capabilities.  We have successfully completed projects of all sizes and in all climates.

Battery Energy Storage: Ensuring Continuous Output

When you need help bridging the gap to ensure continuous energy output from wind, solar, or other resources, Michels helps provide battery energy storage to quickly release energy into the grid.

Whether you need our help with your renewable battery energy storage system, substation transformer, or high voltage substation maintenance, our crews will ensure proper installation and maintenance to save you money, improve reliability, and help reduce environmental impacts.

Count on Michels to make your solar and wind energy generation more viable in areas experiencing intermittence with sun/wind.

Michels has decades of experience installing specialized low, medium and high voltage equipment similar to those required for BESS. Similar equipment Michels successfully installs include D-VARs, D-STATCOMs, cap banks and other large padmount equipment requiring experienced craftspeople and cranes to place and connect. Michels depth of experience in working with energy equipment means we’re making all the necessary accommodations and connections to ensure your goals are achieved.

Solar: Connecting Your Project to the Grid

Solar power is an increasingly prominent source of renewable energy, and Michels delivers the collection systems you need to connect to the electric grid. Michels is known for safety, innovation and quality management - and we apply those traits to your solar projects.

We have worked on utility-scale projects and are committed to bringing safe, dependable, cost-effective solutions to solar projects of all sizes and complexities.

Wind Power: Quality Meets Ingenuity

Michels combines experience and ingenuity to be a leading wind energy contractor. We have more than 4,000 MW of wind farm experience at projects of all sizes so we understand the uniqueness and complexities of every one. We have a strong management team, corporate quality management system and commitment to safety that we apply to everything we do.

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