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Solutions Built with Trust

We Do That ... & More

The Michels Family of Companies is committed to providing the safest, most reliable solutions for the world’s evolving energy and infrastructure needs. We live by our values, keep our promises, and maximize the potential of new and existing technologies. Our diversified services uniquely position us to plan and deliver tailored solutions to our partners. The Michels Family of Companies is bound to first-class professionalism and performance on projects of all sizes, in all locations.


The work we do today makes for a better tomorrow by providing safe, reliable options for energy and infrastructure delivery. At the same time, we are devoted to building a strong future for our team and our customers by continually investing in training, equipment and technology.

Careers at Michels

Michels values diverse ideas, shared values and a collaborative culture. Like our projects, our employment opportunities are focused on building the way to a better life.

Craft & Trade Careers

Being the best requires the best. Grow your craft and develop your skills with us. Our craft and trade positions make everyone's lives better.

Professional & Technical Careers

You can work in construction without operating heavy equipment. We have opportunities in engineering, safety, environmental, human resources, IT, risk management, finance, marketing and other professional positions.


We offer internships and co-op programs to students who want to apply education and skills before graduation. Gain invaluable experience while being mentored by the industry's finest for future advancement.

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Thank you for taking time to learn more about who we are and what we do. If you need additional information or are in need of a solution not addressed on these pages, please submit a message with your contact information.