Two Michels linemen work on a power line from a bucket truck.


A red Michels pickup truck parked near a substation.


A Michels bucket truck drives along a rural road.


Repair & Maintenance

The nation’s power grid is aging at the same time demands are increasing. The need for a skilled contractor you can trust has never been higher. Michels Power, Inc.’s experienced crews and specialized equipment provide safe, quick services with minimal interruptions.

Emergency & Storm Response

When a storm or disaster knocks out power, Michels Power restores it to as many people in the shortest amount of time possible. We provide right-sized, dedicated crews to safely restore normalcy to the lives of your customers. Pre-negotiated contracts allow our crews to get to work quickly.

Our Storm Response Team combines Michels Power’s safety commitment, qualified crews, equipment fleet and customer experience. Our Storm Response line is actively monitored. Contact us at 855.322.3922.

We are growing our storm response team! Click below to enroll in text alerts for storm restoration opportunities.

Energized Services

Our proven ability to reliably repair and upgrade the power grid without taking critical high-voltage lines out of service keeps energy flowing to your customers.

Michels Power invests in the rigorous training and specialized equipment required to safely and efficiently handle energized lines from 4kV up to 765kV without requiring outages. Our line crews perform barehand work and leverage the latest techniques and technology, including hot sticks, conductive suits, custom cranes, cutting-edge bucket trucks and power arms, all while adhering to stringent safety protocols and industry-compliance standards.

From replacing individual insulators to replacing structures to full-circuit reconductoring, our highly skilled line workers deliver a wide array of diverse energized line solutions in a variety of settings and situations with minimal service interruptions.

Our techniques include:

A red Michels pickup truck parked near a substation.


When energy needs change, Michels Power works with customers to expand and upgrade existing substations and switchyards to improve performance and reliability. Michels Power crews keep aging stations in line with evolving technologies by seamlessly replacing equipment before issues arise.

Two Michels Power bucket trucks operate with a helicopter nearby on large electrical structures.
A mobile crane lifts a piece of a power line pole from a rail cart
Drone replaces a shield wire on a Michels Power project.
A Michels Power bucket truck in a Florida parking lot

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