Hydraulic dredging project on Schuylkill River.

Connecting offshore facilities to land

Aqueos Marine, Inc. has the experience, personnel and assets to provide subsea support for offshore wind and renewable projects on both coasts. Providing subsea construction and inspection services to high-priority projects has unique challenges best performed by a contractor with an unwavering commitment to incorporating safety into all plans and actions.


Aqueos Marine supports our divers and construction partners with vessels, barges and crew transport vessels for all offshore wind and renewable projects. From trenching, laying and burying inter-array and export cable to dredging and placing ballast, our crews provide turnkey services to bring energy from generation facilities to landfall approaches. Our work services start with, conclude with, or include both pre- and post-construction surveys. When an offshore wind or renewable project is operational, we inspect and repair foundations, subsea structures and cables on a schedule and in emergency situations.


Aqueos Marine’s vessels, barges and crews support the precise, environmentally sensitive needs of landfall approach installations bringing energy generated offshore to onshore transmission and distribution facilities. Our trained divers are skilled executing wet retrievals and flange installation to support the deployment or removal of trenchless boring equipment. Our services include building gravity cells and pits to access trenchless equipment after a passageway is installed.


Aqueos Marine bridges the critical connection between offshore energy export cables and the onshore cables through the construction and rehabilitation of port facilities.

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