Pipeline Construction & Installation

Michels Canada builds pipeline projects to safely and reliably deliver Canada’s unique energy mix through diverse terrain and weather conditions. We live by our core values where the only acceptable outcome, regardless of where we’re working or what we’re doing, is no harm to any person or the environment. We maintain our reputation and the reputation of our customers by paying great attention to small details and working in a way that enhances our sustainability journey.

Our progressive team and best-in-class equipment know how to deliver success in summer and winter conditions and varied terrains. Our pride in supporting Canada’s energy infrastructure is obvious. Starting long before any ground is broken, we review each project’s unique details, consider our open-cut and trenchless options, safety and environmental mitigation plans and determine the right approach for the greatest value.

A large pipeline regulator station.

Carbon & Hydrogen Pipelines

Michels Canada pipeline and facilities construction solutions support decarbonization and climate change mitigation initiatives. We are dedicated to using our experience, ingenuity and passion to serve the energy industry to help our customers move hydrogen, captured carbon (carbon dioxide emissions) and other alternative resources from generation and capture facilities to needed destinations.

A welder connects two joints of gas distribution pipeline

Gas Distribution

Michels Canada uses trenchless and conventional pipeline construction methods to build and maintain natural gas distribution systems and other utilities. Our turnkey services include conversions, upgrades, replacements and testing, performed on individual projects or the ease and consistency of master service and blanket agreements. Our joint trench installations simultaneously cover gas, power, and communication and cable television lines.

A worker uses a tool to tighten a value in a natural gas compressor station

Pipeline Facilities

Compressor and pumping stations play a critical role in the movement of liquid through a pipeline network. Michels Canada builds, expands and upgrades pipeline facilities to maximize safety, efficiency and environmental standards. Our comprehensive services include site preparation, groundwater control, foundations, structural concrete, equipment installation, piping, electrical, building erection, maintenance and expansion for greenfield and brownfield projects.

A pipeline joint is sandblasted before it is painted

Pipeline Integrity & Maintenance

Our pipeline construction crews perform scheduled and emergency services to maintain safe, environmentally sound operations. Our goal is always to partner with our customers to perform preventive measures rather than when a need is detected. When urgency is required, our crews are experienced, trained and equipped to work quickly and safely to resume normal operations.

Transmission Pipelines 

Michels Canada provides turnkey construction solutions for small, mid-inch, and large-diameter pipelines up to nominal pipe size (NPS) 48. Our experience includes British Columbia’s northern wilderness and the Lower Mainland, Alberta’s oil sands, and Ontario’s urban neighborhoods. Summer to winter, urban to prairie, we deliver unmatched safety and quality.

We invest in training our people and providing them with durable, task-specific equipment. We have the resources to self-perform nearly all scopes of work on multiple spreads simultaneously, yet we look for ways to engage, support, and hire people in the local and Indigenous communities where we are trusted to work.

Working in Canada’s diverse geographic terrains requires a contractor committed to building the future of Canada’s energy infrastructure today. Michels Canada enhances the resiliency of our customers through safe practices, quality work, and environmental performance, including trenchless directional drilling and microtunnelling techniques.

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