A Michels Canada transmission line crew works in a wooded area


A Michels crew uses a drone to assist in a transmission line project.


Lineworker replacing old power pole with new.


Power Construction & Installation

Michels Canada approaches electrical transmission, distribution and substation projects with experience, resources, grit and confidence earned during the more than 25 years we have been building Canada’s energy infrastructure. We incorporate safety into every decision and action, focusing on the safety of our people, those around us and the environment above all else.

We work with public and private customers across Canada to deliver reliable engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions for transmission and distribution lines and substations. Our Canada-based crews are dedicated to building, maintaining, hardening and rehabilitating infrastructure in our provinces and are supported by the international experience and vast resources of the Michels Family of Companies.

Michels Canada distribution line crews change out equipment on a power pole

Distribution Lines

Michels Canada completes new construction and system modernizations and upgrades to provide customers with reliable, efficient electrical power distribution networks. Our overhead and underground distribution capabilities provide our customers with the flexibility to meet their needs and the confidence of knowing we will do it correctly. Our crews work safely, efficiently and conscientiously to replace poles, rehabilitate circuits, change voltages, convert overhead lines to underground lines, and perform other critical services in residential neighbourhoods and populated cities.

Two line workers operate on a powerline pole.

Energized Work

Michels Canada invests in training and specialized equipment so our highly skilled crews can repair, rebuild and upgrade transmission and distribution lines and substations while they are energized. The result is fewer outages, inconveniences and lost revenue. Our line workers have experience with hot sticks, mechanical arms and barehand techniques to perform necessary tasks, like adding spacers and bypass switches, repairing structures and replacing insulators on energized lines and structures.

A Michels Canada crew rebuilds a power line after a snowstorm

Emergency & Storm Response

When a storm or natural disaster knocks out power with little or no notice, Michels Canada is ready to mobilize our crews and equipment to safely restore power in the shortest time possible. Our customized emergency response crews include qualified line workers, project leaders, HSE professionals and a durable equipment fleet.

A Michels crew works at a substation connected to an electrical transmission line


Michels Canada provides turnkey greenfield and brownfield substations up to 500kV under traditional and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract models. As the demand for power continues to grow, our team can work in all climates and site conditions on substations to deliver electrical power where it is needed.

Our construction services start with clearing, grading and site preparation and end with testing, fencing and site restoration. Our experience includes new substation construction, expansions, modifications and upgrades.

A power line is prepared to get pulled into place in a hilly area

Transmission Lines

A leader in Canada’s energy infrastructure construction, Michels Canada has the people, equipment and resources to complete transmission construction projects in all terrains and weather conditions. Our crews are experienced at building and upgrading structures and electrical lines from foundations to reconductoring.

We are uniquely able to meet customer environmental goals with our trenchless construction experience. Michels Canada uses horizontal directional drilling (HDD), Direct Pipe and microtunnelling to build electrical lines under wetlands, waterways and other locations where traditional construction would not be practical or feasible. We also use helicopters to complete line work in areas where matting or wheeled trucks and equipment would not be desirable.

A Michels Canada crew adjusts solar panels at a solar farm


We support Canada’s commitment to renewable energy. Our services are ideally suited for solar and wind projects. We can work on everything from substations and underground collection systems and grid installations to structures and distribution and transmission lines. We engineer, procure and construct the necessary means for our customers to move energy from a renewable generation source to individual customers.

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