A barge operates on a river with an excavator aboard


A dredging vessel operates on a city riverway


Crew members ride in Michels Ruth Lucille tugboat



Michels Construction, Inc. is the go-to contractor for work on, in, and around water. We have the experience, capabilities, capacity, and specialized equipment required to tackle projects of all sizes, including many large-scale projects simultaneously.

Guided by our core values, our crews incorporate safety and environmental protection into all actions. Our team respects and appreciates water, both as our primary jobsite and a resource we know to improve and preserve.

Water-based Construction

Michels Construction’s diverse solutions are united in our commitment to quality and safety. Our marine crews develop individual solutions to build and maintain the specialty mechanical, structural and nature components of marine projects and environment.

Our techniques include:

  • Breakwaters
  • Cofferdam Installation
  • Scour and Erosion Repair
  • Intakes and Outfalls
  • Island Building
  • Gate Installation and Repair
  • Waterway Maintenance
  • Marine Support

Land-based Construction

Michels Construction’s crews combine our commitments to safety and environmental protection when building or improving infrastructure near waterways. Our crews use specialized equipment to deliver lasting solutions with minimal environmental impact.

  • Reservoirs & Wetlands
  • Intakes & Outfalls
  • Lock & Dam Repair
  • Concrete Construction & Maintenance
  • Environmental Remediation & Capping
  • Riprap & Armor Stone (USACE-Approved Provider)
  • Jetties
  • Industrial
  • Hydroelectric
  • River & Stream Bank Remediation
  • Cap & Cover Installation
  • Dock Walls
  • Revetments
  • Demolition
  • Shoreline & Beach Restoration
  • Ports & Harbors
  • Docks & Terminals
  • Railroad
Crane operating over a dam on a sunny day with trees in the background.
Dredge working on a river on a cloudy day.


Michels Construction’s marine crews use dredging to facilitate waterway restoration, maintenance and navigation, contaminated sediments mitigation and wetland restoration projects. Michels has a fully transportable fleet of equipment utilizing cutting-edge technology. We support dredging projects with mechanical and passive sediment dewatering, logistics management, and aggregates, armor stone and riprap from our Midwestern pits and quarries.

Our techniques include:

  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Amphibious


Our divers are commercially certified, experienced with highly technical underwater solutions, and have a safety-first mindset.

  • Inland & offshore diving
  • All phases of underwater construction for:
  • - Pipelines
  • - Offshore wind developments
  • - Ports & terminals
  • - Hydroelectric facilities
  • - Nuclear Facilties
  • Underwater concrete & epoxy inspection, remediation & removal
  • Salvage & recovery
  • Pre- and post-site surveying
  • Containment dredging assistance
  • Underwater welding & burning
  • Scour surveys & remediation
  • Marine infrastructure inspections & repair
  • Ship husbandry & repair
  • Emergency services
Marine divers are welding in a river.


We use highly technical equipment to provide invaluable information and models of underwater conditions.

Our techniques include:

  • Multi- & Single-beam Acoustic Bathymetry
  • Side-scan Sonar & 3D Acoustic Imaging
  • RTK GPS and PPK Positioning Solutions
  • Inspection Class ROV
  • sUAS with LiDAR & Photogrammetric data
Michels uses a hydraulic dredge to clean a bottom a river
A long concrete pier extends into Lake Michigan
A large excavator machine digs into Lake Michigan
Aerial view of pipeline with Michels logo and slogan overlay

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