Excavators install pipeline in trench

Construction & Installation

Michels Pipeline, Inc. builds and maintains mainline oil, gas, and water pipelines to meet the nation’s demand for safe, reliable delivery. With a combined resume of work stretching across the United States many times over, we maintain our reputation with unflinching commitment to performing work safely and at the highest level.

Our team includes experienced leaders, skilled craft workers, HSE training and support professionals, plus a quality management program.

Our large fleet of specialized equipment is strategically placed throughout the United States for quick mobilization.

Pipelayers assist a large diameter pipeline into a trench.

Oil & Gas Pipelines

An industry leader in energy pipeline construction, Michels Pipeline is a go-to contractor for major intrastate and interstate pipeline projects. Our crews and equipment are strategically located throughout the United States for quick mobilization when needed. We are experienced with the turnkey construction of pipelines in diameters up to 48 inches and in all major plays. Our leadership and field crews accommodate each project’s unique considerations, including implementation of site-specific environmental protection strategies; customized safety plans for operating on steep slopes, in sections with waterways and high groundwater tables, in congested urban areas, and in remote locations; and available resources to simultaneously complete multiple large projects on tight deadlines.

A large scale solar and wind farm near a port


Michels Pipeline combines innovation and experience to deliver solutions to support decarbonization and climate change-mitigation initiatives. Our energy pipelines and facilities support the compression and transportation of carbon capture projects to move alternative energy resources from generation and capture facilities to needed destinations. Our portfolio includes more than 1,500 projects involving construction of pipelines with diameters of 20 inches or smaller. Our size supports our ability to agile and adaptable, allowing us to build precisely the right solutions for our customers’ goals. Our Decarbonization solutions, including Carbon Capture and Hydrogen, are focused on environmental preservation and evolving market needs.

A water pipeline being installed.

Water Pipelines

Michels has decades of experience constructing pipeline to move valuable water resources from one point to another. Projects span hundreds of feet to hundreds of miles, and are completed in a variety of methods and diameters. Our crews and equipment are able to work in all areas, conditions and climates to ensure the reliable delivery of precious water resources.

Sidebooms and excavators adjust pipeline after placing in curved trench
Pipeline support.
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