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Tailored Solutions

Building Tomorrow's Energy and Utility Infrastructure Today

Developing and delivering solutions to meet the world’s energy and infrastructure needs requires a creative, collaborative approach. For every project, Michels Pipeline Inc. and the Michels Family of Companies engage the right combination of diversified services to meet the evolving needs of our industries.

Serving the world’s most critical industries allow us to grow as individuals, a company, and collective team. We Do That … & More.

Building the World’s Energy Backbone

The Michels Family of Companies is strategically assembled to ensure systems and networks are ready to serve future generations, whether you need a complete EPC or specialized solution. Our teams have built thousands of miles of transmission lines, added capacity to substations and facilities, installed utility lines under waterbodies and other sensitive areas, and connected offshore projects to the national grid. We have the experience to solve challenges, resources to work anywhere, and ingenuity to figure out how to do what seems impossible.

Prepared for Decarbonization

The Michels Family of Companies has decades of experience performing work for future-focused energy transition programs. Our expertise in overhead and underground transmission systems coupled with our ability to develop safe, effective trenchless and pipeline facility solutions allows our customers to meet the world’s evolving energy needs.

Conveying Our Largest Resource

Every human, animal, and plant needs water to survive. We support our customers’ mission to deliver clean water and convey and treat wastewater. We build new and rehabilitate existing water systems using conventional and trenchless techniques. We use trenchless rehabilitation techniques for potable water and sewer lines. Our conventional and trenchless methods are effective for building water mains, ocean outfalls, and more.

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