March 28, 2018

Matt Smith receives Ralston Award for trenchless accomplishments

Headshot of Matt Smith

Congratulations to Michels Direct Pipe® Manager Matt Smith, 2018 recipient of the Trent Ralston Young Trenchless Achievement Award!

The award recognizes a young individual who has demonstrated excellence in the early stages of a career and has made valuable contributions to the trenchless technology industry.

Matt, 29, is one of the most experienced Direct Pipe® practitioners in North America.

To date, he has guided 17 Direct Pipe® projects, including several that reached record lengths. He has shepherded crossings under international borders, interstate highways, rivers, and a 4,039-foot installation of a 48-inch pipe under the Dow Barge Canal in Clute, TX. Smith has also partnered with Michels Horizontal Directional Drilling teams to use Direct Pipe® equipment for thrust assistance on several record-length installations.

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