Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

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Michels Pipeline, Inc. works throughout the United States to provide maintenance and emergency response services necessary for safe, reliable oil and gas pipelines. Our pipeline construction crews share our customers' commitment to safety and environmental responsibility and demonstrate it in the work we do. We perform work to the highest-level using knowledge gained through years on the job as well as in the classroom. Backed by people, experience and heavy equipment, we have the team required to accommodate scheduled projects and emergency responses. Our maintenance agreements range from blanket contracts to specific needs.

Our energized live line integrity capabilities include:
• Anomaly investigation and repair
• Corrosion repair
• Inline inspection
• Line lowering
• Line retirement
• Line reversals
• Relocations and interconnects
• Valve replacements
• HAZMAT response

• Experienced, US DOT Operator Qualified (OQ) crews
• Safe, efficient construction to minimize downtime
• Maintenance agreement ranging from blanket contracts to specific needs


To ensure the existing pipeline remains in compliance with federal regulations to maintain the desired operating pressure, Michels replaced two 20-inch sections of pipeline totaling 3,800 feet, installed a mainline value and performed hydrostatic testing of approximately 5,400 feet of pipeline to confirm class location.

Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

SIAP 270 Class Change


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SIAP 270 Class Change

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