October 7, 2020

Crews move quickly to put out field fires 

We’re serious about helping the communities in which we work, but sometimes we face situations way beyond what we would normally expect. 

Michels Canada is working for TC Energy to build the North Spread of the Keystone XL Pipeline in Oyen, AB. It’s a big project and we have a lot of people and equipment hard at work in the area. But when fall harvest is in full swing, we aren’t the only ones working in the local fields. 

On a windy Friday afternoon in September, a fire started during harvest activities on land next to the right-of-way to the construction site. The quick-thinking landowner contacted TC Energy’s land agent, who called to see if we could assist. 

Fortunately, we had several water trucks and crews in the area who were happy to help. Our crews assessed the situation to make sure conditions were safe. Then they jumped into action, putting four of our water trucks to use. Our crews put the fire out and then stayed onsite with local emergency crews to makes sure it would not reignite. Although 30 acres were burned, the damage could have been much worse due to dry conditions. 

A few weeks later, another small fire was accidentally ignited by a local farmer. We received a call from TC Energy and our crews sprang into action once again. With the dry climate and windy conditions, it is crucial to extinguish fires quickly. Thanks to our crews for taking quick action and to TC Energy for knowing we could be counted on to help. We wish a safe, productive harvest to our friends in Oyen! 

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