A paving crew operates at the Green Bay Airport.


Aggregates are collected for airport paving.


A paving crew operating on part of an airport.


Airport Construction

Whether building new or rehabilitating existing airport infrastructure, Michels Road & Stone partners with operators to complete projects that increase safety and performance with minimal disruptions to air traffic. 

Paving machines lay concrete at an airport


Michels Road & Stone paves airport runways, taxiways, aprons, and ramps to comply with rigorous local, state, and FAA requirements for smoothness and durability. Our crews work swiftly yet carefully to ensure concrete and airport-specific subbases are long lasting, require minimal maintenance, and can withstand the pressures and weights of aircraft. 

Recycle crushing operation at an airport.

Recycle Crushing

Recycle crushing saves time and money by repurposing replaced concrete runways as aggregate rather than hauling old concrete to a landfill. Michels Road & Stone brings a mobile crushing and screening plant on-site to remove steel and transform rubble into crushed aggregate, often for immediate use on the new runway. 

An excavator dumps dirt into a dump truck at a landfill

Earthwork, Excavation & Grading

Michels Road & Stone performs the underground and at-grade work needed to make air travel possible. Whether using fill, rocks and recycled material to transform depressions into level sites for expansions or installing trench drain (underdrain) systems to eliminate hazardous standing water, our work sets the stage for long-term success. 

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