A Michels Road & Stone crew uses a paving machine to pave a roundabout on Highway 23 outside of Fond du Lac, WI.


A Michels Road & Stone crew operate a paving machine on Interstate 39


Two Michels crew members chat at a road paving job while it is being worked on by other crew members


Road Construction

Michels Road & Stone, Inc. meets the rising demands for safe, durable road and highway construction. Contrary to what the public may think, concrete or asphalt surfaces are not the only determining factor for a roadway’s smooth, low-maintenance life. From sourcing DOT-approved aggregates to optimizing smoothness and ride with stringless equipment, lasers and 3D models, we combine the power of the largest equipment with attention to the smallest details. The result is a roadway able to withstand heavy traffic loads and all weather conditions. 

We invite you to discover Michels Road & Stone’s road construction solutions. 

An excavator loads a dump truck with aggregate.

Earthwork, Excavation & Grading

Earthwork is a foundational element of every project and never an afterthought. Our massive equipment fleet allows us to use the right equipment for the job, regardless of the material. Site grading and water management, through the installation of underdrain and drain tile, ensure the site remains stable. 

We optimize our earthmoving equipment and experienced operators by pairing them with state-of-the-art technology to complete projects of all sizes, scopes, and complexities, safely and efficiently. 

A dump truck places aggregate material near a roadside.

Mass Aggregate Placement

Pavement strength is determined by many factors besides the top layer of concrete. Michels Road & Stone sources and places the specific aggregate base mixture required for strong, smooth, long-lasting surfaces. Our combination of spreaders, dozers, graders, rollers, and other specialized equipment place and compact roadbeds for optimal lifespan and performance. 

Dump truck fills equipment in order to create gravel shoulder on a road.


Michels Road & Stone offers the same care to road shoulders as all other aspects of road construction. We use specialized equipment and experienced crews to compact and level subgrade before we place DOT-approved aggregate at a specified gradation. The result is a stable surface able to support vehicle traffic and emergency needs. 

A batch plant producing aggregate material for a Road & Stone job.

Batch Plants

Michels Road & Stone uses sophisticated, fully mobile concrete batch plants to ensure we produce and use properly mixed concrete. Each concrete batch plant is a mix of brawn and brain, using mighty loaders, belts, and augers to precisely combine and test concrete before, during, and after we place and finish it. 

Two batch plants side by side work to create concrete.

Paving the Way

FACT: Michels Road & Stone operated two side-by-side batch plants to produce 575,300 square yards of 12-inch concrete pavement for a 9-mile interstate highway project in southeastern Wisconsin. 

A Michels Road & Stone crew operate a paving machine on Interstate 39

Concrete Paving

Michels Road & Stone uses experienced crews and advanced technologies to maximize safety, efficiency, durability and quality in all concrete paving projects. Lasers and 3D models allow our entirely stringless paving fleet to increase smoothness and timeliness in paving projects of all sizes. Our equipment includes slipform pavers, spreaders, placers and trimmers. 

Materials Lab

A structure is only as strong as its core components. At our Materials Lab in Fond du Lac, WI, our quality control technicians conduct aggregate quality and gradation testing, test concrete cylinders and beams to discover what they can withstand, and perform a battery of additional tests to ensure the materials used at Michels Road & Stone’s jobsites meet or exceed project requirements. 

Our satellite labs throughout the state assist with testing, allowing us to keep concrete and aggregate testing, pavement smoothness testing, concrete mixing, and the creation of new construction aggregates in house and cost effective for our customers, including other members of the Michels Family of Companies. 

Man mixes aggregate material in a mixing bowl.
A paving crew lays down concrete from a concrete mixer truck.

Ancillary Concrete

Beyond Michels Road & Stone’s high-quality concrete pavements, we provide concrete solutions to create sidewalks, curbs and gutters—either as part of a larger paving project or as a job all its own. Our capabilities include traditional and colored concrete for enhanced aesthetics. By offering these services in-house, we can maintain our rock-solid standards and keep our bids more competitive. 

Two Michels Road & Stone crew members assist in operating a remote control device.

Major Project & Subcontractor Management

Michels Road & Stone has earned the public’s trust and transportation officials’ confidence through our ability to successfully manage large projects with a significant impact on motorists, communities and the environment. Our safety-forward approach starts with an understanding of project goals and dynamics, development of effective risk management strategies and creation of complex schedules. In addition to self-performing work, our project management teams collaborate with qualified subcontractors to ensure consistent standards for safety and quality. 

Crew working on paving under a multi-level highway system.
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Two Road & Stone paving crew members discuss project plans.

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