A paving crew operating on part of an airport.

Tailored solutions for critical industries

Innovative ways to build tomorrow’s infrastructure

Developing and delivering the world’s critical energy and infrastructure solutions requires a creative, collaborative approach. The Michels Family of Companies engages the right combination of diversified services to meet evolving needs of industries we serve.

Serving critical industries allows us to grow as individuals, companies and a collective team. We Do That … & More.

Building Projects and Partnerships

We are proud to provide government agencies with comprehensive services and alternative delivery options, including design-build, progressive design-build, and construction management at-risk. Whether rehabilitating a marsh or shoreline, working on or under a levee, or delivering a massive freeway interstate, we are guided by our core values and fueled by a desire to provide safe, creative ways to deliver critical projects.

Working on, in and Around Water

Marine environment construction is necessary to support energy and infrastructure projects. Performing that work safely, with an environmental conscience, is a choice Michels makes again and again. We approach each project with sophisticated equipment, trained crews and dedication to our core value of environmental protection. Our marine services include dredging, diving and surveying as well as marine construction, shoreline restoration, and trenchless crossings beneath waterways.

Small Details Drive Big Results

One of the largest transportation contractors in the United States, we understand complex projects. Our teams deliver safe, efficient transportation-related projects, from bridge foundations and runway paving to custom aggregate crushing and mass transit tunnels.

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