Central WI airport runway with construction alongside it.

Central Wisconsin Airport

In response to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) call for the decoupling of Central Wisconsin Airport’s two runways, Michels Road & Stone, Inc. reconstructed what had been a T-shaped design. The runway’s original design required planes to taxi across one runway to get to the other. Michels eliminated that situation by extending the east/west runway and taxiway by 450 feet.  

To minimize interruptions to airport operations, including high-traffic periods corresponding with major regional events as well as full-scale emergency training, Michels broke the project into 12 different stages. 

The extensive reconstruction project encompassed 230,000 cubic yards of excavation, 125 acres of topsoil respread and 25,000 cub yards of aggregate placement. We used mobile road paving techniques to pave the 15-inch concrete along with recycle crushing spreads to complete the work, repurposing existing concrete pavement onsite as aggregate for the project. 

The project required tight tolerances for quality as well as ongoing local and federal coordination with the FAA, our subcontractors and airport management. 

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