Power crew works on power lines in remote area

Coalton-South Neal Structure Replacement

Michels Power, Inc. replaced three guyed Y transmission lattice towers, damaged in an ice storm, with three wood H-frame structures. We also transferred over the conductor, one shield wire, and added approximately 4,000 feet of new second shield wire.

Given the mountainous terrain and urgent need to return the line to fully reliable, operational status, Michels used an unmanned aerial system (“drone”) and custom tensioner to pull a lead rope before installing the new shield wire.

Using an in-house drone, custom tensioner, and licensed pilot, Michels mitigated safety, environmental, and cost impacts associated with traditional rope pulling methods. Constant communication between the drone pilot, tensioner operator, and spotters ensured sufficient clearance over guarded energized distribution and road crossings. Pulling rope with the drone mitigated potential hazards to employees, who would have needed to pull the rope by hand on uneven, brush-covered terrain.

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