Power foundation piece held by crane

FPL 500kV Rebuild Phases D, H2, J, K

Michels Power, Inc. worked on an EPC project to design and build a total of 1,734 drilled shafts under existing, energized 500kV transmission lines. The shafts ranged in diameter from 5.5-feet to 6.5-feet and were drilled to depths of 60 feet. All shafts were drilled under slurry. Drilling conditions changed throughout the project as the crews encountering sand, peat, decomposed coral, limestone, and old river deposits. The terrain was generally flat, and the crews had to regularly work in wetlands and standing water conditions. The drilling locations were remote, and crews had to contend with local wildlife, including alligators and snakes.

During hurricane season, crews and management kept constant watch on developing storms; a few instances required the project to be placed under a hurricane stop. Crews encountered artesian flow and were able to work with our engineering partner to modify the drilled shaft design from a standard drilled shaft to permanent casing to allow for installation.

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