Bypass system installation to divert wasewater while Lucas county sewer pipes are rehabilitated

Lucas County Interceptor Sewer SIPP

Michels Trenchless, Inc. used geopolymer mortar to rehabilitate 1,800 feet of 90-inch sanitary sewer pipe. The pipe is the main interceptor into the Lucas County Water Resource Recovery Facility. The alignment included four 45-degree curves in the first 180 feet. With crews working inside the pipe while cleaning and rehabilitating, 38,000 CFM of fresh air was circulated throughout the working limits of the pipeline.

Before the sewer interceptor rehabilitation started, a bypass system was established to divert wastewater. The 24-inch fused HDPE pipe carried an average flow of 9,000 gallons per minute and maximum flow of 13,500 gallons per minute. Michels drilled a 96-inch diameter steel shaft 50 feet deep to serve as an access shaft for the bypass suction shaft. It will become a permanent structure for maintenance and access for future work. The geopolymer mortar was installed in four passes to create a 2-inch-thick structural pipe within the deteriorating concrete pipe.

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