Several crew members and a truck stand near a road.

Moffett Federal Airfield

The Moffett Federal Airfield project was completed in two phases.

In phase one, Michels crews separated electrical and communication infrastructures at the site. Substation work included the removal of KWH meters, KVAR meters, GE relays, Amp meters, power meters, Amp meter switches, and name plates in nine 12kV indoor breaker panels and removal of the unnecessary control wire and terminations. Additionally, Michels installed new SEL-751s, modified existing panel doors to accept the new SELs, tested blocks, indicating lights, new covers over holes where old equipment was removed and new nameplates and installed new control cables to new equipment and terminated. POWER Testing and Energization tested and commissioned new equipment with the assistance of Michels’ personnel. Approximately 10 miles of new duct bank system for several new 15kV feeders was installed primarily via directional bore method. Scope of work included installing 144 new manholes, 15kV cable installation and cable splicing / termination.

For this second phase, crews installed new underground electrical and communication infrastructure and 15kV cable in a new area of the Moffett Airfield and Ames Research Center/NASA Test Facility. This work was required to accomplish the separation of different clients within the project area. The substation was upgraded with a new power transformer, two positions metal clad 15kV switchgear and a station service transformer. Additionally, Michels installed a seven position metal clad 15kV switchgear inside an existing building, along with batteries and charging system.

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