A large white Michels crane assists a drill rig alongside a busy roadway

University Village Apartment Development

Michels Construction, Inc. used interlocking sheet pile to construct a shoring wall and permanent foundation wall for a future building. The sheet pile was installed with a telescoping rig and a variable momentum vibratory hammer to a depth of 57 feet. An articulating drill rig installed tiebacks to capture the lateral loading the soils as the excavation advanced in depth.

The soils at the site are prone to settlement, so Michels Construction Inc. proceeded with caution during the groundwater drawdown and use of a vibratory hammer to install sheets. A test program ensured vibrations didn’t settle adjacent structures.

Twelve dewatering wells were installed inside the shoring excavation and 20 recharge wells were installed outside of the excavation. At the bottom, crew installed 609 18-inch-diameter augercast piles to depths of 45 feet.

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