A power substation

West Huntington Substation Expansion

Michels Power, Inc. expanded a 138kV to 12kV substation in two phases. The first phase included conduits, control cables, control building expansion, demolition of existing control building, installation of new 34.5kV, 69kV, and 138kV circuit breakers along with removal of existing circuit breakers of the same voltage. Michels also installed 138kV MODs, CCVTs, arresters, 69kV disconnect switches, 34.5kV switches, cap switcher, foundation piers and slabs and yard lighting.

As part of Phase 2, Michels rebuilt the 34.5kV portion of the West Virginia substation, including the replacement of circuit breakers, switches, and associated power equipment and demolition of foundations and the existing control house. Installation work includes belowgrade conduits, grounding, and pulling control cables to the newly installed prefabricated control house.

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