Zoo Interchange Phase 1

Michels Road & Stone, Inc. managed the construction of the Zoo Interchange Phase 1 reconstruction mega project as part of a joint venture named Wisconsin Constructors II, LLC.

The project consisted of 14 bridges, 22 retaining walls, 44 sign structures, 11 noise walls, and paving of a combination of local roads, mainline freeway and ramps on I-94 between Mayfair Road and 68th Street and I-894/US 45 between Greenfield Avenue and Watertown Plank Road.

Michels Road & Stone crews paved 345,000 square yards of 7.5-12-inch concrete pavement, with most comprised of high-performance concrete with extra-strength requirements. The paving varied from two lane-wide mainline freeway to ramp and full-width shoulders to local road paving.

Michels Construction crews built the earth retention walls to allow for a wider roadways. Michels Construction also built sign structure foundations.

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