May 20, 2024

An Inspiring Journey from Intern to Project Manager

Hailey Edlebeck

Hailey Edlebeck’s trek into the trenchless industry and her success with Michels Trenchless, Inc. were recently documented in an article by The Utility Expo. Hailey, who started as an intern and rose to become a project manager, emphasized the importance of hands-on experience and continuous learning in the construction industry. Her story serves as inspiration for others looking to advance their careers in this field. 

A talented and driven individual working for a company that promotes professional growth and rewards hard work, Hailey continues to have a thriving career.  

“I’ve been surrounded by people who have always had my back when I’m not in the room,” Hailey said. “Those same people will also provide honest feedback to help me learn and improve. And, most importantly, they are people who’ve always been willing to teach me everything they know. I’ve been very fortunate to have been mentored by some of the best people in the industry.” 

Today, Hailey finds herself starting to mentor some of her younger co-workers. 

“We interact daily and have conversations about what it takes to move up,” Hailey said. “I feel like I can provide the same sense of security my mentors showed me when I was just getting started.” 

Hailey’s success in the construction industry can be attributed to several key qualities, such as leadership, problem-solving skills, knowledge and expertise, and time management. 

In the article, Hailey emphasizes the opportunities and rewards of a career in the underground utility industry. She highlights the industry’s rapid evolution and the continuous learning it offers. She also encourages young women and individuals to explore the diverse roles available in utility construction, beyond operating heavy equipment. 

Read the full article here.

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