October 13, 2023

ET&D partnership focuses on universal safety

Michels incorporates safety into everything we do, and we want to be able to help everyone around us do the same. We joined our industry colleagues in Washington, DC Wednesday to sign an extension of the Electrical Transmission & Distribution (ET&D) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Partnership. We were represented by Bob Osborn, President of Michels Energy Group, and Heidi Meyer-Bremer, Director of HSE.

The ET&D Partnership turns 20 this year and we are eager to get back to work continuing to make a difference in the safety of those in our industry. We are particularly honored to take the lead on two important committees from 2024 to 2026. Bob will chair the Executive Committee and Heidi will chair the Steering Committee.

Michels is actively involved in the ET&D Partnership because we see tremendous value in standardized plans, reducing fatalities and injuries, and using effective best practices and communications. The ET&D Partnership is a collaboration of industry stakeholders, who work together to continuously improve safety for workers in the electric line construction industry. The ET&D Partnership focuses on standardizing training and best practices across all regions. This ensures that line workers will be familiar with all rules and regulations regardless of which company employs them.

Michels has been part of the ET&D Partnership since 2006. We are proud to be among 12 participants in one of a few national partnerships between employers and OSHA. Participating in organizations focused on improving the overall safety of our industries is one of many ways Michels always puts safety and training first to ensure that all people feel safe when performing work.

Learn more about our safety culture here.

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