March 23, 2022

Michels Canada marks 25th anniversary

Michels Canada is celebrating our 25th anniversary by dedicating the year to the hard-working, innovative people who develop Michels’ tradition of safe, reliable infrastructure solutions across an international border. 

When Michels Canada was established in 1997 as Michels Directional Crossings Co., we focused on horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for the oil and gas industry. Soon after we arrived, we were recognized for our outstanding safety performance and branched out to serve other industries, like the award-winning Forest Lawn Siphon project for the Calgary wastewater system in 2002. 

By 2006, it became clear that the need for the important work we performed extended well beyond HDD, and the Michels family changed our name to Michels Canada. In the next few years, our geographic range and service offerings dramatically expanded. In addition to performing some of Canada’s most challenging HDD projects, Michels Canada became a go-to contractor for tunnels, mainline pipelines, pipeline integrity programs, and sanitary and storm sewer rehabilitation using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and spray-in-place pipe (SIPP) lining systems. In 2013, we completed Canada’s first Direct Pipe installation. In 2015, we completed the longest 42-inch HDD in North America. In 2021, we completed Canada’s longest-ever HDD and added electrical power construction services. 

During that same timeframe, we expanded our headquarters in Nisku, AB, and opened offices in Toronto and Vancouver. 

Today, Michels Canada remains committed to Canada’s future by completing challenging, essential infrastructure construction and repair projects in highly urban and very remote locations. Projects are supported by nearly 1,000 people at offices in the Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver areas and jobsites throughout Canada. As a member of the Michels Family of Companies, Michels Canada is an independent operation with access to a global network of expertise and experience. 

“As proud as I am of Michels Canada’s success, I am not surprised by it,” said Dean Cowling, President, Michels Canada. “Our integrity, commitment to safety, and respect for people, families and the environment are authentically aligned with what it means to be Canadian. We are optimistic about the future of our country and our role in its continued improvement of its infrastructure. 

“I must publicly thank our people for the work you do and the way you do it,” he said. “On behalf of our customers, thank you for creating a culture where teamwork, safety and successful projects coexist.” 

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