February 13, 2024

Michels’ Mentor-Protégé Program supports diverse businesses

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While Michels takes pride in self-performing most construction activities on projects, we also recognize the importance of operating in a socially responsible manner. 

Michels’ Supplier Diversity Program puts our core values into action by providing opportunities for small, disadvantaged, veteran, indigenous and/or minority-owned businesses across the country. Our Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) is one example of how we accomplish this. 

In 2023, Michels partnered with Katie Ewing, owner of Ewing Safety and Industrial. Established by Katie in 2016, Ewing Safety and Industrial has thrived under her leadership. From its roots in Delaware, the business rapidly expanded into New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Starting with B2B sales through external representatives, the company opened its first storefront in Morris, IL in early 2018. 

Michels’ Mentor-Protégé Program has provided a variety of opportunities for Katie’s company, including one-on-one coaching, ongoing meetings and introductions to industry leaders. Recently, Katie visited Michels headquarters in Brownsville, WI, where she engaged with leaders from our Marketing; Health, Safety and Environmental; Procurement; Supplier Diversity; and Legal departments. 

Since the strategic collaboration with Michels started, Ewing Safety and Industrial has seen significant growth and anticipates an impressive 200% growth in 2024, a testament to Michels’ MPP. These factors have allowed Katie to grow her team and begin discussions about expanding the physical footprint of her supply business. 

Katie’s journey reflects her dedication to creating an exceptional environment for both team members and customers. The partnership between Michels and Ewing Safety and Industrial exemplifies the success achievable through strategic mentorship opportunities. 

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