September 30, 2019

Pouce Coupe crossing completed in less than a month 

The ability to quickly mobilize personnel and equipment to a neighboring province allowed Michels Canada to meet a new customer’s need for a time-sensitive project. Encana asked Michels to execute a horizontal directional drill of a steel pipe bundle under the Pouce Coupe River in British Columbia. 

Displaceable soils allowed the hole to be reamed in one pass to a diameter of 42 inches. After two cleaning passes, the five-pipe bundle was attached to a specially designed pullhead assembly and pulled into place in less than four hours. The bundle contained three 12-inch, one 8-inch and one 4-inch steel pipes to Encana’s required product lines.  

The entire project was completed in less than a month during January and early February, with temperatures down to -45° C. 

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