October 8, 2021

Supporting solar energy

Pat Michels speaking in front of a group of people in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Michels is honored to support renewable energy near our corporate headquarters by purchasing 30% of the solar blocks at Alliant Energy’s 1-megawatt solar farm in Fond du Lac, WI.

“Alliant Energy held an open house Thursday included tours of the solar farm site on the city’s southwest side. Michels has supported the project since the idea emerged, leasing the highly visible site to Alliant Energy. Michels and Alliant Energy have partnered on energy projects for more than 50 years. Supporting the solar garden is an extension of that positive relationship,” said Pat Michels, President of Michels Corporation.

Investing in the solar project is another way we are expanding our commitment to renewable energy. Our construction services include utility-scale wind and solar farms and high-voltage energy collection and distribution systems for renewable energy projects. Learn more about our work in the renewable energy market.

“It is an honor for us to be part of a project that will shed positive light on the commitment to clean energy made by our community and by Michels,” Pat Michels said. “As a contractor, we see the need for reliable energy from traditional and renewable sources. As a consumer, we support and use clean energy in our offices, yards, and equipment. We thank Alliant for bringing more clean energy to our community.”

The Alliant Energy Community Solar program allows customers to share the benefits of solar power without installing solar panels on their property. Customers receive a credit on their monthly electric bills for every block of energy purchased. Businesses also qualify for annual renewable energy credits to help offset carbon emissions.

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