November 16, 2021

Thank You for Many Years of Dedication

Group of Michels executives and employees standing outside of a country club

Congratulations to our most recent group of employees who reached their 25th,
50th and 60th anniversaries at Michels and the Michels Family of Companies.
Members of the Michels family and senior leaders celebrated the honorees during a
reception at South Hills Country Club in Fond du Lac.

“The work we are known for would not be possible without the people in the field,
offices and yards who bring their skills, passion and expertise to work each day,”
said Pat Michels, President and CEO. “We are particularly honored to have
hard-working people willingly dedicate decades of their lives to making Michels a
trusted partner for our customers and the communities in which we work.”

Special recognition was given to Mary Ausloos for reaching her 50th anniversary and
to Jerry Eilbes for surpassing his 60th anniversary.

Mary was the first and only secretary of our founder, Dale Michels. Today, she
works closely with Pat Michels, the Michels family and our executive team, serving
as the office manager of our headquarters in Brownsville, WI.

Jerry is Michels’ employee No. 1, hired by Dale soon after Michels was established.
He played a fundamental role in Michels’ infancy and growth, and remains actively
involved more than 60 years later, completing projects each day in our Brownsville,
WI yard.

Of course, before you can reach the golden and diamond anniversaries you must
surpass the equally admirable silver anniversary. Those included in the 2021 class
of 25-year honorees are Brian Berres, Ralph Czaikowski, Stephen Diny, Randy Farr,
Bill Flood, Don Grainger, Mike Haase, Scott Knigge, Chance Kylor, Wendell Long,
Rick Marion, DuWayne Mayer, Donald Mueller, Arnold Nelson, David Nitschke,
Jeffrey Pahls, Brenda Rosik, Steven Sanders, Curt Schlieve, Steven Schmidt, Gary
Schmude, Joseph Schuman, Dan Schwartz, Randall Sinotte, Chad Stovey, Robert
Spennati, Glenn Thompson, Randy Thompson, Brian Topp, Christopher Trapp,
Nikolay Vityukov, Shane Wondra, Lori Ziegler and Scott Zondlo.

Congratulations and thank you!

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