June 15, 2023

Why We Say: We Do That … & More

Michels is guided by innovation and anticipation. We adapt our business and services to meet the changing needs of our customers and our industries. We develop and use the latest technology to perform work safer and more efficiently. We understand where our industry is headed so we can develop solutions.

We have operated this way since our earliest days. Our founder, Dale Michels, believed in his people and the tools and training provided to them. He understood what they did and had potential to do. Established as a gas distribution contractor, one of Michels’ first projects was installing underground telephone cables. A regional utility heard about our reputation for burying pipeline and asked if we could bury cable, too.

We could and we did. We didn’t realize it at the time, but our mantra of We Do That … & More took its first breath that day.

Over the decades, our business and services have expanded exponentially. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, the Michels Family of Companies has become one of North America’s largest, most diversified energy, infrastructure and marine contractors. We offer and self-perform end-to-end construction solutions across key industries.

So, our customers know us for the work we are trusted to perform. We probably also do a lot more than they know. We offer interchangeable and open-ended services to take a project from preconstruction discussions to the restoration of the final blade of grass.

Or, as we say: We Do That … & More.

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