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Committed to safety every second, every minute, every day

Ensuring the health and safety of our people and those who live and work around us requires a 24/7/365 commitment. We ask everyone to make a promise to do all they can to work safely, including stopping all work that is or seems unsafe.

This year in particular, we were reminded that threats to health and safety can come in unexpected ways. It’s a strong reminder to diligently follow our safety processes, listen to our instincts and to stay vigilant and nimble when it comes to addressing new or changing situations.

Our expectation is to start each day with a team discussion of ways to identify and avoid the hazards of current operations, and to end each day with everyone being safe and healthy. We sincerely thank our people for maintaining a safety culture we can all be proud of.

During Construction Safety Week  (as with every day) – we ask everyone to continue to incorporate safety into everything you do – at work and at home in your daily lives.

Learn more about our commitment to safety.

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