April 9, 2024

Storm Response Team is ready to restore power 24/7

Michels Storm Response team huddles outside the response RV.

When the lights go out unexpectedly, Michels Power’s Storm Response Team shines. 

The team’s rapid response to power outages caused by snowstorms, ice storms and other natural disasters is only possible due to diligent monitoring of conditions and a proactive rollout plan that connects resources to areas in need, restoring power to as many people in the shortest amount of time possible. 

The Storm Response Team combines Michels Power’s proven safety commitment, equipment fleet and customer experience supported by a qualified team serving the U.S., its territories and Canada. Prior to forming this dedicated team in March 2022, crews would have to be pulled from other projects to meet customers’ urgent needs. 

The Storm Response Team does not sit idle while waiting for calls or emails from our contracted clients. Instead, the team monitors weather across the country and makes contacts with utilities as soon as they need assistance. When an emergency arises, the team must work quickly to create estimates and finalize contracts, tapping into a network of regional assistance groups consisting of more than 600 personnel and Michels’ robust fleet of vehicles and equipment, including an FAA-licensed drone. 

A semitrailer specifically branded for the Storm Response Team hauls personal protective equipment and other essentials. While on-site, the team operates out of a mobile command center with computers and office equipment, a meeting room for clients, and other necessities for shifts that can extend up to 16 hours. 

The Storm Response Team maintains three dedicated yards in the U.S. to expedite deployment of resources. Crews can mobilize in a yard in a handful of hours and quickly depart for their destination, where they might spend a couple of days, weeks or even months in situations such as hurricanes, where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, are impacted by the outage. 

Even with a quiet hurricane season in 2023, the Storm Response Team seldom sits still for long. Recent winter months saw outages across the U.S., including significant impacts from Nor’easters. 

The demand for the Storm Response Team’s services is as unpredictable as the weather itself. However, in between the outages, the team works diligently to build relationships with utilities across the country and grow its network so that when disaster strikes, Michels can swiftly restore the power grid when people need it most. 

Learn more about Michels’ Emergency Storm Response services and enroll here.

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