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Virus affects send-off, but not sentiment

The send-off celebration may have been small due to COVID-19 restrictions, but our pride and well wishes are enormous for one of our people who was recently deployed with the Army Reserves 996th Engineer Construction Company based in Milwaukee, WI.

Warehouse Specialist Josh K. will spend a year overseas as an equipment operator with the 996th Engineer Construction Company. This is the first deployment for Josh, who joined the Reserves six years ago, but definitely not for Michels. Our founder, Korean War era veteran Dale Michels, incorporated many elements of military structure into the company’s fabric. To this day, Michels and the Michels family have deep respect and appreciation for those who serve in the military.

Josh attended some college after graduating from high school, and, after realizing it was not the right fit, joined the Reserves. A little over two years later, he was hired at Michels. The similarities are evident, Josh said.

“The importance of leadership and hard work are big parts of both,” he said. “I know what I have learned at Michels will help me while I am deployed and that what I learn while I am there will be helpful when I come back home.”

We look forward to Josh’s return and wish the best of luck to him and everyone who is serving our country!

Learn more about opportunities for those on active duty and veterans here.

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