Several excavators operate near a pipeline at sunrise

1600 Mainline Pipe Lowering

Michels Pipeline, Inc. performed a pipe lowering project in the Mojave Desert of several pipelines. Due to significant rainfall that caused a washout of sand around the pipes, the pipelines had been exposed to the elements. Two 36-inch gas pipelines were lowered and labeled “A-Line & B-Line” to be able to differentiate between the work that needed to be performed. Michels assisted in gas recompression and blowing down the existing lines, then proceeded to lower each line. A method of lowering the pipeline without cutting was used, eliminating the need for welders on this project. Michels utilized an excavator attachment called a “spoon” that reduced line strike potential.

Space was limited while working around the two active 36-inch gas lines. Equipment needed to be carefully transported in as the existing service roads were very steep and not established well. Additionally, a dedicated biologist was on-site to ensure the safety of the desert tortoise, a species native to this area.

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