A switchyard in Indiana on a cloudy day.

Carlson Creek Switchyard

As the prime contractor for this complex renewable energy project, Michels Power, Inc. led the charge on the Carlson Creek Switchyard, self-performing the construction of not only the 345kV switchyard, but also all civil construction, foundations and major equipment. Carlson Creek Switchyard is an essential facility for northwestern Indiana’s electrical infrastructure, serving as a point of interconnection between solar generation and a battery energy storage system (BESS) as well as a junction with different regional and national power grids to provide greater control, stability, and safety of the local grid. Michels also managed the procurement of materials and specialized equipment and provided project management support, ensuring adherence to strict technical specifications and quality assurance. 

A variety of digital technologies, such as advanced sensors, communication systems and data analytics, enabled real-time monitoring, control and optimization of switchyard operations. In addition, innovations in cybersecurity technologies were employed to protect the switchyard and other critical infrastructure from cyber threats and attacks, while predictive maintenance strategies continue to optimize switchyard reliability and reduce downtime by proactively addressing maintenance needs. 

The team’s dedication and proactive safety efforts were pivotal for achieving zero lost time incidents and delivering the project on time and on budget. 

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