Compressor station 327 in a rock quarry.

Compressor Station 327 Upgrade

Michels Pipeline, Inc., working with Michels Construction, Inc., collaborated to convert an abandoned rock quarry in West Milford, New Jersey into a 20-acre natural gas compressor station. 

A key component of the East 300 Upgrade Project, Compressor Station 327 ties into one 24-inch and one 30-inch mainline, increasing capacity for the region that needed additional gas supply. The project also included the installation of a 19,000-horsepower electric motor drive compressor with ventilation and lube oil systems, three gas filter separators, four bays of high-pressure gas coolers and other equipment. 

The work encompassed more than 3,800 cubic yards of concrete and more than 160 tons of reinforcing steel used to erect three buildings on-site. 

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