RNG facility in Hilbert, WI.

Green Meadows RNG Facility

Michels Pipeline, Inc. played a critical role in the creation of a first-of-its-kind multi-stage gas processing station that captures emissions from decaying landfill material and converts it into renewable natural gas (RNG). Our Pipeline Facilities team spearheaded the construction of the Green Meadows RNG Facility on a 15.28-acre site in Hilbert, WI directly west of an operational landfill.  

All structural steel and major equipment such as compressors, coolers, vessels, and E-buildings, and 95 percent of the piping were prefabricated off site. On site, the team installed all major equipment, filters and media beds. The completed facility removes impurities from landfill gas and converts it into usable RNG, which is chemically identical to conventional pipeline gas. The RNG is then metered and sent to an existing pipeline, where it can be used as transportation fuel, to generate electricity 

Teamwork across the Michels Family of Companies, including Michels Power, Inc.; Michels Construction, Inc.; Michels Utility Services, Inc.; and Michels Road & Stone, Inc., along with more than 30 pieces of equipment from Michels’ world-class fleet, contributed to the success of the project, which was completed on time and within budget.

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