Dozer levels shoreline next to lake after repairing the shoreline due to erosion

Harpers Slough Island Repair

Michels Construction, Inc. used rock, granular, and fines material to repair three islands in Pool 9 of the Upper Mississippi River, which were originally constructed 2014-2017 before being partially washed away during extended periods of high water in 2018-2019. The restoration work included repairs to breached and eroded sections of the islands, replacing damaged berms for an emergent wetland, and dredging backwater areas for habitat.

All work was subject to environmental weather factors, including high volatility of water elevations. The remote location was accessible only by water. The entire project was survey intensive to ensure proper reconstruction of the island. This project is part of the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program authorized by Congress in 1986. The repaired islands are anticipated to have long-term beneficial effects to terrestrial, wetland, and aquatic habitat.

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