Excavators on ground matting near a housing complex

Little Creek – Burton Line 181 HDD

Michels installed a115kV underground high voltage power line through a highly visible urban setting in Norfolk, VA. A bundled line of conduits was installed with a 3,749-foot long horizontal directional drill (HDD) under Lake Whitehurst. In addition, approximately 750 feet of open trench construction was required to finish tie-in connections to manholes located on both sides of the HDD to the substation and structure.

The entire underground section consisted of: four 10.75-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduits for three 3500 kcmil EXPE conductors and one reserve conductor; one 4.5-inch PVC conduit to house relaying and communications inside three 1-inch innerducts; and one 4.5-inch PVC conduit for a ground continuity conduct.

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