Crew member begins spraying geopolymar mortar in Lucas ditch culvert

Lucas Ditch Rehabilitation SIPP

Michels Trenchless, Inc. rehabilitated a corrugated metal pipe culvert beneath South 84th Avenue. The crew prepared the walls and floor and completed the spray application of 3-inch geopolymer mortar to the 128-inch x-by-73-inch-by-75-foot culvert. The village of Palos Hills provided a weir wall installation, installed temporary bypass of Lucas ditch, and cleaned and dewatered the culvert. Lucas ditch is the main waterway that drains the village.

The culvert pipe had rusted and started to collapse, requiring the village to repair several sink holes over a period of several years, including the most recent ones two months before work started. The application of the material and re-establishment of the creek flow was timed to be completed during dry season. In total, 68,000 pounds of material was mixed and applied.

Preparation of the sewer pipe and repair of the collapsing section was completed in two days, followed by application of the 3-inch-thick material in four days.