Bucket trucks work near power lines.

Missouri River Crossing

Michels Power, Inc. set large structures and pulled wire across a 2,600-foot span of the Missouri River. The project started with wrecking out existing conductor, shield wire and optical ground wire (OPGW) as well as existing lattice and monopole structures and their foundations. Next, Michels Power’s foundation crew drilled and poured the footings for three PyraMAX and one 3-pole dead-end structures. The footings were built on both sides of the Missouri River. When the foundations were cured, crews set the structures. Two of the structures were 256-foot tangents; one was a 113-foot dead-end. The crews used a 270-ton crane and 295-foot high-reach aerial platform to erect the structures.

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foot span river crossing


foot tangents PyraMAX structures


foot dead-end PyraMAX structures

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