A compressor station in a heavily wooded rural area.

Mountain Compressor Station

Michels Pipeline, Inc. was contracted to construct a brownfield compressor station as part of the ANR Horsepower Replacement Project. Work included construction of 298 piles, structural foundations, three pre-engineered metal buildings, installation of 2 Taurus 70 turbines (22,200 HP), gas and auxiliary piping systems, equipment, tanks, and a full electrical and control system. Project scope also included decommissioning and razing of the previous facilities.
The project is located on a 1-1/2-acre site, about a quarter size of a typical compressor station. When work started, the groundwater level was 2 feet below the surface. After Michels Construction, Inc. installed 18 high-capacity wells, groundwater level temporarily lowered to 16 feet, allowing crews to safety work on site.
The project increased operational flexibility of the pipeline and reduced emissions with the horsepower replacements.

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