An amphibious excavator loads a container with dregding material

Yahara River Dredge

Michels Construction, Inc. used mechanical dredging equipment to remove 7,500 cubic yards of rock and sediment from a narrow channel of the Yahara River in an urban area. Michels Construction Inc.’s fleet of custom equipment was essential to the project. An amphibious excavator safely navigated shallow and deep water levels. Six hopper barges transported dredged material to a custom platform built specifically for offloading material from the project. Hydrographic surveying equipment measured and recorded the depth and bottom configuration of the river. Urban development and winter sand operations contributed to a build-up of sediment on the Yahara River, slowing movement of water through each lake in the Yahara Lakes system. Dredging helped the lakes drain more quickly, reducing lake level increases and potential for flooding.

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