September 14, 2020

A continuous commitment to safety 

We take our responsibility for the health and safety of our people and those who live and work around us very seriously. That’s why everyone at Michels Canada – our executive team, our HSE professionals and our crews – makes a 24/7/365 commitment. As proud as we are to have one of the strongest safety records in the industry, we know constant vigilance and dedication are necessary to maintain it. 

This year in particular, we were reminded that threats to health and safety can come in unexpected ways. It’s a strong reminder to diligently follow our safety processes, listen to our instincts, and to stay vigilant and nimble when it comes to addressing new or changing situations. 

During Construction Safety Week – as with every day – we ask everyone to continue to incorporate safety into everything you do. At all times, we ask everyone to exercise their Stop Work Promise to that step up when they observe a situation that is or seems unsafe. 

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