July 21, 2020

Building a pipeline in East Texas

Crew builds pipeline in East Texas on a cloudy day.

This is what it looks like when Michels works in the Lone Star State. We mobilized 385 people and 350 pieces of equipment to East Texas to build 22 miles of 30-inch pipeline.

Why? Because our customer needed additional capacity for transporting natural gas to Gulf Coast markets. We provided a one-source solution for building the pipeline, completing three horizontal directional drills, tying in at meter and compressor stations, and installing a mainline block valve. And we incorporated our safety and quality culture into all aspects of construction.

To build this pipeline, the project management team worked quickly to develop a comprehensive plan and schedule, then handed it over to the crews to use their talents, experience, and commitment to quality to get it done.

The work is in the homestretch thanks to hard work of the crews, who demonstrate teamwork, dedication, and our core values. Michels founder Dale Michels believed he could build a successful company by hiring the best people, giving them the best equipment, and letting them figure out the rest. That strategy worked more than 60 years ago, and it’s still working today.

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