October 18, 2022

Honoring dedication and teamwork

Group gathers in the new Mary Helen Conference room to celebrate

Michels continues our tradition of honoring our roots and using them to inspire future generations. The Michels family unveiled the Mary Helen Conference Room at our Lomira office in honor of the 51st anniversary of Mary Ausloos, our Brownsville Office Manager and the first and only secretary of our late founder, Dale Michels.

Mary was hired on November 1, 1971.

A conference room is a fitting tribute to Mary, a devoted connector and collaborator known to nearly everyone at Michels, regardless of their location or tenure. From her informational emails to the office tours she provides to many new employees on their first visit to the Brownsville campus to her eagerness to provide support for the Michels family and executive leadership, Mary is one of the many people who make Michels special.

“Mary has been a key part of Michels for nearly as long as we have been in business,” said Pat Michels, President and CEO. “Naming a conference room in her honor is our small way of reminding everyone what it means to live by our core value of dedication and teamwork.”

The conference room honor comes three years after a larger show of appreciation. The Michels family celebrated Mary’s 48th anniversary by unveiling the Mary Helen tugboat, an early addition to what has become a large, sophisticated marine construction fleet.

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