June 8, 2022

Michels to participate in No-Dig Down Under panel

Craig Vandaelle's headshot

Michels is one of four presenters in an opening day panel discussing global trenchless construction trends at No-Dig Down Under. Craig Vandaelle, Vice President of Trenchless Preconstruction Services, will represent Michels and the North America in a discussion on the status of the trenchless industry in North America and showcase some current and recently completed projects within North America.

Trenchless construction is an increasingly effective, minimally invasive way to install and rehabilitate utility lines without environmental disturbances. Using a variety of methods, trenchless construction can install and rehabilitate utility lines with diameters as small as a few centimetres or as large as 17 metres.

Craig is a tireless advocate for the practical, social and environmental benefits of trenchless construction. Since 2022, Craig has served as Vice President of Trenchless Preconstruction Services.

Craig’s enthusiasm for trenchless construction impacts the industry as a whole. He is actively involved in the North American Society of Trenchless Technology (NASTT), serving on its executive board as the immediate past chair. 

Founded in Brownsville, WI, in 1959 as a regional natural gas distribution company, Michels quickly expanded its services to meet the evolving needs of established and new customers. In 1988, Michels entered the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market, offering a safe, environmentally sound way to install utility lines in areas where traditional open-trench construction would not be practical or feasible.

Keeping with Michels’ spirit of innovation, the trenchless team has grown and advanced with the industry, building a reputation for completing some of the world’s most challenging, significant installations and rehabilitation projects, and for continuing to expand the capabilities of our team and custom designed and fabricated equipment.

Responding to the global need for improved energy and utility infrastructure, Michels has expanded its trenchless operations to Australia, establishing its inaugural office and yard in Wangaratta, VIC.

In addition to taking part in the global panel discussion, Michels will exhibit at the conference.

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