July 27, 2017

Tackling a high-profile project in Green Bay

Three workers on a project in front of Lambeau field.

Teamwork and a solid game plan are as important to Michels crews as to Wisconsin’s most-beloved football team.

Michels Corporation recently installed an underground powerline to provide an independent, redundant source of power to Lambeau Field, ensuring the stadium and scoreboard stay lit during games. Two Michels crews worked together to carefully coordinate the 8,000-foot project. As one crew excavated and installed eight large manholes and three vaults, another completed 21 12-inch-diameter directional bores spanning 8,000 feet to house the cables that connect the stadium to a substation. The line started in Lambeau Field’s parking lot and crossed under two practice fields before continuing on street rights-of-way.

Michels spent two months on the project, completing it before the opening of training camp and annual stockholders meeting. Our safe, swift execution has made Michels an MVP with the customer and the football team.

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